Brighton – Day One

So, I’ve visited Brighton a couple of times now have managed to have two very different experiences in this English seaside hotspot. One trip was in celebration of a friends 30th birthday, which I can sum up in just a few words – pier, chips, arcade, light up dance floor, awesome and HANGOVER. My one piece of advice from that trip would be that if you love extreme cheesy music (we’re talking Spice Girls here) head to Oceana for the best night out you will ever have. My most recent trip was a 3 day break with my mum, so I was looking forward to seeing what else Brighton had to offer.

We stayed at the Grand Hotel, a stunning building situated right on the seafront. The decor is modern, yet classically elegant in the public areas and I can only imagine the amazing view the suites at the front of the hotel had over the ocean. I can only imagine because we had booked a special offer price of just over £100 each for three nights, which meant we were greeted with a brick wall outside our window begging to be graffiti’d with a beach scene. Although our room was a bit hot and stuffy the rest of the hotel was magnificent and certainly lives up to the name of ‘Grand’.

The Grand Hotel - Brighton

The Grand Hotel – Brighton

As a treat we booked afternoon tea, which was rather pricey at £22.95 each. However, we soon found out we were paying for the sumptuous surroundings of the Grand’s Victoria Lounge, fine china, a staggering selection of flavoured teas and more sweet treats than Willy Wonkas factory. There were three layers of beautifully presented sandwiches, scones and cakes – perfect for a leisurely afternoon of stuffing ones face albeit in a very plush setting. In case you are less greedy than me, a likely possibility, you can also take your leftovers away on a box to enjoy later!

Speaking of stuffing faces, by the time we finished afternoon tea it was pretty much time for dinner, a daunting prospect for my ever expanding waistline. We had booked a table at Little Bay Restaurant, a small restaurant right on the seafront serving great value for money Modern European cuisine. Little Bay also runs an all you can eat buffet breakfast each morning which I sampled on my last visit to Brighton. I didn’t really feel like I got the chance to appreciate my surroundings on that visit as all my concentration was spent trying to keep my food down (a side effect of a night at Oceana, not the quality of the food) so I was looking forward to returning. I was so glad I did as walking into the restaurant is like walking into a different land, theatre land to be precise. The entire place is decorated red and gold and each secluded booth is set decorated just like a private seating ‘box’ at the theatre. The concept does sound potentially tack,y but they have managed to make it quirky, unique and original with a fantastic atmosphere only enhanced by the talented jazz singer who performed throughout the evening. I had a delicious and very reasonably priced Aberdeen Angus beef burger from the a la carte menu which also featured dishes such as tagliatelle, salmon, lamb and duck.

Little Bay Restaurant

Little Bay Restaurant

Little Bay also has restaurants in various parts of London with a variety of entertainment including live music, cabaret and fun ‘Opera Mayhem’ nights. For somewhere a bit different, and very tasty food I would thoroughly recommend it!


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