Brighton – Day Three

With the sun shining on our little patch of wall again (have you realised yet that I wasn’t entirely happy with the view?) we filled up on yet another delicious breakfast in sumptuous surroundings and headed out for our last day in Brighton.


We took a walk along the seafront enjoying the glorious weather – but it is important to note here that a huge downside for me about Brighton is the beach. It’s a stone beach, and I am lucky enough to come from a town with 7 miles of award winning sandy beaches….enough said. We decided to head to the Brighton Wheel, Brighton’s version of the London Eye, to see the city from above. A trip on the wheel is worth the £8 per person cost just to hear the hilarious  commentary by comedian and Brighton resident Steve Coogan.

One tip which I am sure you would all follow naturally – there really is no need to spend £20 on the unavoidable, tacky professional photo / keyring / fridge magnet of you stood like a lemon next to the wheel. You can take photos from the pod and I’m sure a birds-eye view of the pier is a much better momento!

Our final Brighton experience had to be a visit to its famous Pier. I have to say Brighton does make my home town Bournemouth’s pier look a bit like a poor relative. Buzzing with noise and activity it’s the perfect seaside tourist hotspot with food galore, a huge arcade and plenty of stomach churning fairground rides for kids and adults alike.  After braving the carousel we sat in the sun with our chips from the famous Palm Court restaurant and reflected on a perfect few days.


Whether you are up for a cheesy night out, a bit of shopping, dinner at the theatre of cinema on a sofa, Brighton is a truly unique experience and a must visit for your travel list.


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