She’s back again

So, are you enjoying my new blog? Yes I’m aware it’s been another year since I last posted!

After writing said last post, I’ve been torn between not wanting to fool impressionable young girls that I have the perfect life, and not wanting to share the car crash that sometimes is my life!

Then I looked at this picture hanging above my desk and decided not to try and put myself into one particular ‘box’. Sometimes life is perfect, and sometimes it’s a car crash – and I’ll write about the bits I want to write about! We’re so scared of what people will think of us, and how we portray ourselves, especially in the blogging world. for someone who has little confidence or self esteem it’s hard to be yourself, especially when yourself is someone you occasionally don’t like.

So the past year I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut, and need to make some changes.

The fact I’ve watched 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in the space of 3 months tells me I need to get out more.

The fact I consider a family sized bar of Dairy Milk a snack tells me I need to get healthy.

The fact I spent 6 months heartbroken over someone who didn’t deserve 6 minutes of my time tells me I need to change my taste in men.

Like everyone, I started the New Year full of good intentions and fresh resolutions. But here I am still spending an unhealthy amount of time mourning the death of McDreamy and wondering if Meredith Grey will every find happiness again (seriously, the Grey’s obsession has become a bit worrying).

So it’s time to get out, get fit, and get myself back on the dating scene. Wanna come with me?


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